Vuzix Teams with Ubimax to Deliver a Hands-Free M300 Smart Glasses Picking Solution to John Deere

Vuzix® Corporation, a leading supplier of Smart Glasses, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies and products for the consumer and enterprise markets, is pleased to announce that the company has teamed up with Ubimax to deliver a hands-free smart glasses vision picking solution to John Deere utilizing the Vuzix M300; to reduce errors, improve picking speed and eliminate the need of a hand scanner within their machinery plant assembly line located in Mannheim Germany.

To eliminate problems on their mixed-model tractor assembly line, John Deere was seeking a mistake proof kitting process that would also improve worker productivity and flexibility. The project between John Deere, Vuzix and Ubimax moved from concept to implementation in just three months, leveraging Vuzix M300 smart glasses running Ubimax’ xPick solution. The M300 allowed the worker to be hands free handling heavy tractor components, while leveraging visual cues, voice controls and the built-in camera scanner to eliminate paper instructions and a handheld RF scanner from the process.

“The production tact readiness, the productivity and especially the quality targets were met after 2 weeks in production,” said Martin Drüke, Head of Factory Logistics John Deere Mannheim.

Within just two weeks of deployment, John Deere workers reduced the error rate to near zero, while concurrently achieving the target productivity improvements. As John Deere continues to use the Vuzix/Ubimax solution in operations today, the hands-free and ergonomic M300 has shown to improve worker satisfaction while significantly reducing training time, allowing increased worker flexibility in a real-time production environment. John Deere joins BMW, DHL, Daimler, and many others as another prominent adopters of hands-free smart glasses solutions from Vuzix and Ubimax.

“Vuzix is excited to partner with Ubimax to deliver a hands free smart glasses picking solution to a world class company such as John Deere in just three months from concept to implementation,” said Paul Travers. “John Deere joins the list of hundreds of Vuzix customers that are working to deploy our technology.”

Further information related to the John Deere implementation can be found on the Ubimax website.