Vuzix Announces Partnership with OnCore Golf

Vuzix, a supplier of smart glasses, AR technology and products for the consumer and enterprise markets, is partnering with OnCore Golf to deliver new AR-enhanced experiences for golfers using Vuzix Blade smart glasses.

Vuzix and OnCore are teaming up to create AR instructional, entertainment and educational programs for golfers of all skill levels at driving ranges, golf entertainment centres, on the golf course and at home, all via Vuzix Blade. The companies plan to first introduce the technology using popular third-party ball launch systems at driving ranges and practice facilities beginning in early 2019.

By mid-2019, when OnCore expects to launch its Smart Genius ball and offer it with Vuzix Blade glasses, real-time AR tracking and analysis software will be available for golfers to use during actual course play. It will include instructional and caddying advice, using a network of both professional golf instructors and AI. The Genius ball will be used like every other ball, but it will measure and deliver shot data using GPS and sensor technology.

Vuzix will also be working closely with OnCore partner Spot Golf to introduce proprietary facility designs that will offer both golf and non-golf experiences, showcasing OnCore’s technological advancements and partnerships. Numerous facilities are planned over the next several years.