Vuzix and SAP Offer Apps for AR Headset

Augmented Reality – Vuzix has been very busy creating an infrastructure for its M100 augmented reality glasses. SAP, as one of Vuzix’s business partners, is releasing two apps that address the industrial and commercial use of the M100 headset.

One of the applications is the SAP AR Warehouse Picker, an application that allows warehouse workers to receive instructions via the headset, while communicating with the voice recognition of the device. The system supports bar code scanning and relays information to the picker.

The other application is the SAP Service Technician, that allows access to 3D enterprise models of the systems users are working on. The voice recognition system allows the user to communicate with the system and includes a direct expert calling feature. The expert can see what the technician is seeing and help solve the service issues at hand.

Both applications have been described in YouTube videos published by SAP Enterprise Mobile early this year as well as last year. Now these applications are ready to be tested in the real workplace. – Norbert Hildebrand