VueReal Announces Super High Pixel Density Micro LED Display


VueReal, a Canadian company, announced a super high pixel density micro LED display with 4K resolution. In their press release they say that according to their records this display is the highest pixel density direct emission display ever built. According to the statement the display achieves a pixel density of 6,000 ppi, while in another sentence they refer to ppi values of over 4,000 ppi values possible with their technology. This compares to pixel densities of around 3,000 ppi for micro OLED displays, for example.

The display is using a process they call continuous pixelation, even though there is no clear explanation of what this is. They do say that this display will not only be of high resolution and even higher pixel density it will also be ‘affordable’. They expect this display to be ready for production in 2018.

VueReal imagines small to large micro LED display.

Besides the obvious applications as micro displays for projection and near-eye devices, VueReal is also looking at large size entertainment displays TV and home cinema, as well as maskless photolithography and even super high speed data transmission. Of course, as a direct view LED display the device will also fulfill HDR specs.

If you are interested in this technology, VueReal will give a talk at SID Display Week, Los Angeles, May 23.

Analyst Comment

This new display does not only capitalize on all potential benefits of micro LED displays, it also claims a wide range of applications that would make this an even broader display solution than LCD ever was. Did I mention low power consumption yet? Nevertheless, many companies are working in this field and all are trying to create some unique selling point for their technology. The website of VueReal is not very clear on anything they are doing including a missing article to their technology that is promised but not available. I have reached out to them to learn more and will expand on this article as soon as I learn more details. (NH)