Vol 24 #29 Product Round Up

Cambridge Audio has a new UltraHD Blu-ray player, the CXUHD, that supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Pricing will be around €800 depending on the country. There are two HDMI outputs, one with video and audio and another with audio only.

NEC‘s PA803UL fanless 3LCD laser phosphor projector that was shown at ISE, is now available and costs €18,921. (NEC Shows Projectors and More at ISE)


Samsung has launched the 88″ version of its Q9 flagship QLED LCD TV in Korea and North America. The set will cost $19,999 (from $9,000 for the 75″ version and $2,500 for the 55″). The set uses a dual box design with an optical connection to the display. The set has so far received lukewarm reviews.

Samsung’s 88 inch QLED set is now available in NA & Korea

Vivitek has launched an UltraHD digital signage player called the NovoDS. Storage can be from integrated memory (8GB), microSD or USB flash drives and the unit can support Windows or Mac OS. 1080P support is up to 60fps, but there is no clear refresh rate on the 2160P output. There’s a video about the player below

Vivitek novo Ds