Vixs Results 14/12/2016

ViXS Systems Inc. announced its FY17 Q3 financial results with net sales of $8.3 mn and net loss of $3.0 mn. The net sales recorded a 61% growth over FY16 Q3’s net sales of $5.1 mn and a minor increase in net loss from FY16 Q3 figure of $2.8 mn. There was also a marginal increase of 5% in the net sales over the previous quarter figure of $7.9 mn.

Overall, the management believed the quarter to be a solid one with the revenues being primarily driven by higher sales of XCide 5 and XConnex products, plus initial shipments of XCode 6800 chips. Growth in ViXS’ Cloud & Video Delivery segment (XCodePro family of products) was enabled by multiple design wins including WellAV, a strategic corporate partner of Sencore, a major manufacturer of video delivery electronics equipment.