Vivitek NovoDisplay DK Series Combines Stunning Digital Signage and Wireless Collaboration

Vivitek has introduced the NovoDisplay DK Series, a Digital Signage Display with included collaboration functionality. The DK series is available in display sizes ranging from 43” to 86” and offers 4K Ultra-HD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution, making it suitable for commercial applications such as hospitality, retail, education and business. Available immediately, the DK433, DK553, DK653, DK753 and DK863 offer exceptional value combined with a rich feature set.

Digital Signage for landscape and portrait installations 

Flexible and practical, the NovoDisplay DK series has been designed to be easy to install, while supporting landscape and portrait modes to cater for differing business and application needs.

Built-in NovoDS Digital Signage software 

NovoDS is the digital signage software included with the NovoDisplay. NovoDS makes it easy to create, publish and manage content ranging from promotional announcements to company messages. With NovoDS, all devices can be controlled through centralised management and deployment of the content. The optional NovoDS Cloud service offers the additional benefit of role based access. It also hosts a variety of templates and widgets, including the Bulletin Board – a digital pin board layout with document interaction. It ensures that information can be updated easily, keeping viewers informed through accurate information at all times.

The clarity of 4K-UHD Resolution 

The NovoDisplay DK series is available in 43”/55”/65”/75”/86” display sizes, and thanks to its 4K Ultra-HD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution, it delivers outstanding details and stunning visuals. The unparalleled display with 500 cd/m2brightness and 50,000 hours performance, make this a truly professional signage display.

Backlit D-LED Technology for added viewing comfort

The NovoDisplay’s backlit D-LED (IPS panel) technology delivers brighter pictures, flawless colours, richer textures and extra wide viewing angles (178˚/ 178˚), combined with incredibly sharp and crisp images. This makes the viewing experience more pleasurable for all, across all applications and environments.  

The added flexibility of NovoConnect Wireless Collaboration 

The NovoDisplay DK series is part of the Vivitek Novo Ecosystem, the most comprehensive choice for wireless collaboration and digital signage. The built-in NovoConnect offers cable-free and hassle-free presentations and collaboration in the classroom or in office.  For meeting room installations, the display can easily be switched to ‘presentation’ mode thanks to its included NovoConnect wireless collaboration, maximising the value of the investment.  NovoDisplay is also ready and set for hybrid meetings with video conferencing, meeting the requirements of new generations of hybrid workers.

Commenting on the launch of the NovoDisplay DK Series, Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA stated: “The new NovoDisplay DK series makes it easier than ever to create, manage and share important or informative messages that capture the viewer’s attention and imagination.”


NovoDisplay DK433     £940     ($1157)

NovoDisplay DK553      £1,025     ($1157)

NovoDisplay DK653      £1,370     ($1262)

NovoDisplay DK753      £2,150     ($2647)

NovoDisplay DK863      £2,575     ($3170)