ViewSonic has Raspberry Pi VDI Thin Client for Citrix

ViewSonic is using NoTouch software from Stratodesk to create a new line of HDX-ready terminals based on the Raspberry Pi thin-client architecture. The architecture is implemented as the ViewSonic SC-T25 HDX Pi, a fully integrated high-performance thin client that will begin shipping June 1, 2017. At an estimated retail price of less than $100, the new thin client breaks previous cost barriers to large-scale enterprise-level Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

“Stratodesk NoTouch is already widely known as a highly robust and cost-effective VDI endpoint repurposing solution,” says Chris Fleck, VP, Emerging Solutions at Citrix Systems.

Integrated into the SC-T25 endpoint, Stratodesk HDX-ready NoTouch software offers Citrix users the following enterprise-level features:

  • Automated endpoint rollout, saving time and minimizing human error
  • Group-based management with multi-level inheritance
  • Help desk support
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi (802.1x) and network security support
  • Optimization for “Skype for Business” audio/video conferencing
  • Authentication and single sign-on (SSO) support
  • Dual-monitor support

Analyst Comment

The SC-T25 has a single HDMI port to run a monitor up to 1920 x 1200, but a second monitor can be run using a USB-HDMI adaptor on the integrated USB Type-C. (BR)