ViewSonic Adds New Size to Pen Displays

ViewSonic has added a new product to its pen display series, which help to digitise paper-based processes such as recording signatures. The new 7″ unit, PD0711, joins the larger PT1080 (launched in September) and PD1611 (ViewSonic’s Pen Tech Eases eSignatures).

The PD0711 uses an electromagnetic resonance (battery-free) pen and features 2,048 points of pen pressure sensitivity; 200 point-per-second tracking speed; and 5,080 line-per-inch touch resolution. These specifications mean that the display ensures accurate tracking of sensitive information.

8H hardness glass means that even calligraphy can be reproduced on the surface. The cover glass is scratch-resistant.

Display resolution is 1024 x 600, with a 500:1 contrast ratio, 120°/80° viewing angles and 200 cd/m² of brightness. A USB 2.0 port provides a power input and connection to other devices.

ViewSonic is selling the pen display into select markets now. Price is on application.

Analyst Comment

We were impressed with the performance when we met with ViewSonic Hanvon, which makes the pen technology, at CeBIT this year. (CeBIT Round Up) (BR)