Vewd OS Launched for Android TV Operators

Vewd, a provider of over-the-top software for televisions, has announced the launch of its operating system for Android TV operators.

Vewd says its OS enhances Android TV by expediting time-to-market and reducing capital expenditure. The platform incorporates a cloud-managed home screen experience, a complete OTT application environment with regional and local apps, plus an EPG, covering live broadcast and OTT content and supporting features like live restart.

It also includes platform data and analytics available through Vewd Cloud, plus monetisation features to capture existing and emerging recurring OTT revenue streams. Vewd brings a fully managed app catalogue, complete with all meta-data, backed by the company’s app support capabilities. Operators can add their own apps, with Vewd managing all technical relationships.

Analyst Comment

We have an appointment to see Vewd (which used to be Opera TV) at IBC so hope to get more about this initiative. (BR)