VESA Rolls Out DisplayHDR Test Tool for PC HDR Display Professionals

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has released a new DisplayHDRtest tool that is intended to allow users to confirm the display parameters set out in VESA’s High-Performance Monitor and Display Compliance Test Specification (DisplayHDR), including brightness, colour and contrast performance of high dynamic range (HDR) laptop and desktop monitors. (VESA Releases Open Standard and Test Methodology for HDR in Monitors and Laptops)

The new DisplayHDR Test tool has a command line interface that enables professional and lab-level users to test and evaluate HDR displays at the three performance levels outlined in the DisplayHDR spec using an off-the-shelf calibration colorimeter. VESA also said that it has seen strong momentum in the adoption of its DisplayHDR standard, with several new certified displays being introduced this calendar quarter.

To verify HDR display performance, the DisplayHDR Test tool projects the display patterns defined in the published VESA DisplayHDR certification tests onto the screen. The user then points a self-provided colorimeter at the test patterns and uses the colorimeter’s software to measure and record the display’s capabilities. These results can be entered into a separate program to compute the final score and make an accurate assessment. Future versions of the test application may drive the sensor in the test tool and compute the score directly.

VESA had support from Microsoft, MStar and Asus in its release.

A consumer-level version of the DisplayHDR Test tool will be available later this year, featuring a more consumer-accessible graphical user interface the group said. The next release will also include a list of available colorimeters that meet the spec’s requirements for accuracy and tolerance.

More information on the DisplayHDR specification and DisplayHDR Test tool, as well as a link to download the DisplayHDR Test tool, is available at