VESA Issues A-DSC Call For Technology

In an attempt to standardise a coding system for the Advanced Display Stream Compression (A-DSC) standard, VESA has issued a Call for Technology (CfT).

The CfT includes requirements that apply to solutions, evaluation criteria and required items to be submitted. VESA intends to standardise a visually lossless compression system for high-bandwidth video, at lower compressed bit rates than are possible with DSC v1.1.

As we wrote back in November, ‘A-DSC is aimed at applications that require a lower bits-per-pixel (bpp) bit rate than DSC v1.1, which provides 8bpp. The visually lossless coding quality will be maintained. In exchange for improved compression, A-DSC will require more complex encoders and decoders. However, complexity will still be lower than HEVC with Screen Content Coding Extensions’ (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 44).

The CfT can be viewed at