VESA Bangs the Drum for USB Type-C

VESA was at the show to talk about DisplayPort in particular. There is, of course, a lot of interest in the alternate mode for USB-C. We saw a number of USB-type C connectors and cables at the show. VESA told us that it expects to see products using the alt mode (where the USB connector can be used for a DisplayPort connection) in the second half of this year, although it will be next year before there are a lot of products. There have been rumours that Apple will launch a notebook with just USB Type C, being used for USB, display connection and also power charging.

The USB Type C connector is fundamentally bi-directional so there will be a lot of different configurations and testing is going to be very important. VESA will be running a plugfest in a couple of weeks for DisplayPort V1.3 and is expecting to see a number of devices at that event. There will be a range of adaptors for connecting and converting Type C to different configurations including passive adaptors will be available to “inject power” from wall chargers.

We asked about 8K support and we heard that among the front runners are likely to be MegaChips (which bought the DisplayPort business from STMicroelectronics in September 2014.

VESA showed a USB type C to Displayport converter