VEFXi Gives Sneak-Peak Demo of New Microchip Tech at CES

VEFXi shared sneak-peak demonstrations in private meetings during CES 2016 of its new microchip’s conversion technology which takes 2D & 3D video and converts it to no-glasses 3D. Customers said that the live video conversion has 3D pop-out and depth comparable to hand-crafted autostereoscopic (ASD) 3D, a big advancement for mobile displays.

Attendees included investors, customers, and some of VEFXi’s long-time collaborators. Several development and intent-to-purchase memoranda of understanding (MOUs) are in the works as a result.

VEFXi CEO, Craig Peterson explained this major advancement was made possible by their patent-pending NeuroBrain™ Depth Synthesis Technology and custom architecture which is much faster, lower power, and lower cost than is possible with conventional processor-based approaches. The NeuroBrain allows the 3D quality to improve by training it versus being coded by an army of programmers. The new technology took two and a half years to develop and allows users to enjoy a no-glasses 3D experience possible on their mobile devices from any video or gaming content source.