Veeco and Allos Can Make 200mm GaN-on-Si Wafers for microLEDs

Equipment maker, Veeco, along with Allos Semiconductor, has completed a micro-LED project to make blue and green microLEDs on GaN-on-Si wafers. Veeco has used technology from Allos in its Propel single wafer MOCVD system. The development should enable microLED production on existing silicon semiconductor production lines with 200mm diameter.

The companies define microLEDs as devices that are less than 30 micron square. Propel is claimed to offer “leading-edge uniformity and simultaneously achieves excellent film quality” which could help to create more consistent LED quality.

Burkhard Slischka, CEO of Allos Semiconductors said,

“Within one month we established our technology on Propel and have achieved crack-free, meltback-free wafers with less than 30 micrometers bow, high crystal quality, superior thickness uniformity and wavelength uniformity of less than one nanometer”.


Analyst Comment

Traditionally, of course, GaN LEDs are made on sapphire wafers which are smaller and more expensive than silicon wafers, so this development should help get costs down for microLED. We have previously reported on developments in this area by Plessey in the UK (LEDs on Silicon Gaining Traction) (BR)