Vaio Pursues Panasonic in Domestic Market

Vaio, Sony’s ex-PC unit (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 6), has shown a tablet PC concept that appears to target the same audience as Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Despite the similarity, though, Vaio says that it is trying to emulate a domestic rival: Panasonic, which targets professionals with its PCs. Panasonic’s products are known for being tough and portable.

The Prototype Tablet PC (unofficially known as the ‘monster tablet’) is a 12.3″ beast of a device, intended to be a full desktop replacement. Alongside a quad-core Intel processor, the product uses Intel’s Iris Pro graphics to drive the LCD display (2560 x 1704 resolution and 95% Adobe RGB coverage).

Supplied with an electronic pen, the prototype also has a removable keyboard. Mini-DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0 (x2) and RJ45 form a wide array of connections.

Vaio’s first new product since its split from Sony will be launched by May 2015. Like Panasonic, the company appears to be passing over the entry-level market for now, if the price (