USA is Sony’s First Xperia X Market

Sony has said that the Xperia X smartphones, which it announced at MWC 2016 (Sony Focuses on Iteration, Not innovation), will be launched in the USA this summer. The Xperia X is available to pre-order now; pre-orders for other models will begin on the 19th June.

Sony revealed pricing at the same time. The X Performance will cost $700 and the Xperia X will cost $550; both are supplied with a free 128GB microSD card. The XA Ultra will cost $370, with a free 64GB microSD card, and the Xperia XA will cost $270 with an unspecified microSD card.

The Xperia X will be launched in the USA on the 26th June, followed by the X Performance and XA on the 17th July and the XA Ultra on the 24th July.

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