US Viewers Like User-Generated Content

Parks Associates said that almost 35% of US broadband households are watching user-generated video content (such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion) on a regular basis.

According to Parks Associates’ IoT research:

  • Men watch user-generated online video more frequently than women, with men watching 11 days per month compared to less than nine days for women.
  • Among viewers of user-generated online video, 22% indicate they are very likely to use an ad blocker to circumvent online video advertising.
  • While virtually all U.S. broadband households are active online and visit sites with online advertising, only 17% believe that their online activity is tracked for marketing purposes.

Analyst Comment

The last bullet point is amazing. How consumers don’t work out that when they search for something, advertising keeps appearing, is completely beyond me! (BR)