US Pay-TV Shows Small Gains

Infomitv‘s Multiscreen Index shows minor subscriber gains for US pay-TV providers in Q1, with an overall net gain of 33,000 customers. The six operators (Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner, Verizon Fios and AT&T U-Verse) had a combined total of 78.3 million subscribers. AT&T faced the largest loss as it promoted its new subsidiary DirecTV, which made the largest gains but did not make up the 54,000 difference.

Comcast added 53,000 subscribers, its best Q1 result in nine years (total: 22.4 million). DirecTV was up 328,000 in the US (20.1 million) but down 73,000 net in LATAM. Dish lost 23,000 (13.9 million) and TWC added 21,000 (10.8 million). Charter, which plans to acquire TWC, gained 10,000 (4.3 million). Verizon added 36,000 (5.9 million) and AT&T shed 382,000 (5.2 million).

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