Acer Steps Up its Digital Signage Solutions with its BYOC Platform


With the global digital signage market expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6%1 over the next five years, Acer, with its expansive offering of hardware, software, and services, will continue to provide solutions that evolve with the ever-growing demand for innovative display solutions.

Building on decades of experience in computing and communication, Acer has a complete technology offering supporting digital signage solutions, including hardware such as LFDs (Large Format Displays, up to 65 inches), PCs, and software and cloud services via its highly-scalable Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC™) platform. This total solution offering combined with a global sales and support network makes Acer the ideal digital signage partner for system integrators (SI) and content providers.

Digital Signage Solutions – Today and Tomorrow
Today’s digital signage solutions combine the power of technology to broadcast content at scheduled times, and allow content providers to push out changes across a network of displays almost instantaneously. They are used to show a nearly unlimited variety of messages in public areas, such as timetables and at check-in information at airports and stations; directions or meeting notices at the reception and entrances of schools, hospitals, and hotels; special promotions and floor plans at retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more.

In Germany, Acer partners with local content and software providers to offer the DWIN digital signage solution available as a total lease package. Acer supplies DV series large format displays, and Veriton desktops as media players; Cittadino provides the picturemachine4® software that serves as the centralized scheduler and controller; and n-TV channel provides the up-to-date news headline content.

BYOC™ plays an integral role in Acer’s upcoming digital signage solutions, increasing scalability and flexibility for traditional one-way broadcasting signage solutions, and enabling a whole new series of interactive signage solutions through real-time connectivity and big data analytics.

In the near future, digital signage solutions will interact more deeply with audiences, made possible through evolving touch and sensor technologies. Situation-aware information can be displayed when the signage detects the user type through an array of sensors, or by the user itself through touch select. Establishments have the possibility to monitor and store valuable information on audience type, so they can fine-tune their messages to boost customer relevancy and appeal. These are examples of what is possible in the era of the Internet of Beings – or Internet of Things with intelligence.

Through big data analytics, the gathered data can show the flow of customers and hot spots in retail environments, customer characteristics, demographics, and products that attract the most attention, helping effectively plan marketing activities and evaluate the return-on-investment of campaigns.