Unilumin Becomes The First To Mass-produce Mini-LED 0.9mm

On booth 12-F60 (Hall 12), Unilumin will officially launch its innovative MP Mini-LED solution at ISE 2019.

With the benefit of its well-established manufacturing techniques, Unilumin is the first to mass-produce 0.9 mm LED for high-end applications.

What Is The Technological Breakthrough?

Unilumin’s ability to mass produce Mini-LED opens a new chapter of LED display technology, solving the previous technical barriers and addressing the issue of the high cost of traditional SMD display. With its ultra-high protection and resolution features, Mini-LED will create more possibilities for product application. Industry insiders state that Mini-LED will potentially enter more extensive display fields, from commercial usage to professional display and even public display applications. With the advanced technology and reduced production cost, Unilumin MP Mini-LED is estimated to be a catalyst for reforming the LED industry.

What’s The Significance Of This Innovation?

Utilising the ultra-low reflection black technology, Unilumin MP Mini-LED provides a high contrast ratio. It will bring a super visual experience from any viewing direction. The optimised structural design ensures it fit perfectly in any application scenario. When mounted together, it could create a large video wall to replace the traditional TV.

MINI LED Application

Bigger And Better ISE 2019

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and system integration professionals, a location where experts come together to collaborate, learn and do business. The 2019 edition will attract over 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees, making it the biggest ISE so far.

On the stand, visitors will see not only the stunning Unilumin MP Mini-LED but also our flagship products Unano, Upanel, UpanelS, UTV?, Upad? H, GslimS, Usurface? of a wide variety of shapes, sizes and resolutions. In brief, Unilumin can provide the customized solution for any project. We’re looking forward to seeing you at ISE2019 and sharing our brand-new products and solutions with you.

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