Unilumin Pushes LED Video Wall Pitch to 0.8mm

China-based Unilumin used NAB 2015 to show off the finest pitch LED video wall to date – 0.8 mm. This is roughly the pitch of a 70” 1920×1080 LCD display, so LED pitch is now becoming useful at closer and closer distances.

Being demonstrated was display with 960×960 resolution (photo) constructed from four modules (cabinets). This is said to be commercially available, but the price has not yet been set.

The company also showed a large wall composed of 1.6mm pitch LEDs. These are available today and priced at about $280K per square meter, so you can imaging the 0.8mm will be a lot higher than this. Specs for some of the modules are shown below.

Unilumen 0.8mm pitch

Unilumen specs