UHD-A Extends Certification to Blu-ray Players

Having announced the UHD Premium logo at CES this year (UltraHD Alliance Launches New Logo), the UltraHD Alliance is now extending the branding to Blu-ray players. The aim, again, is to help consumers identify products that will provide a top-quality experience.

Panasonic’s UB900 Blu-ray player is the first (that we have heard of) to be certified by the UHD-A.As with TVs, the UHD-A’s Blu-ray metrics cover resolution, HDR, peak luminance, black levels and wide colour gamut. Recommendations are also included for immersive audio and other features. However, when we visited the UHD-A’s website we could find no mention of the new specification – even in the ‘News’ section! We have contacted the group for more information.

The UHD-A is also examining live broadcast for UltraHD content. It aims to identify technical issues and develop a premium standard for live broadcasts.

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