UFC and Cosm Partner Up to Offer Immersive 8K Shared Reality Viewing Experiences

The UFC, the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization, and Cosm, a pioneer in immersive technology, media, and entertainment, announced a multi-year partnership that will revolutionize how fans watch UFC pay-per-view (PPV) events. The collaboration will introduce “shared reality” experiences through 8K broadcasts of live UFC events at Cosm’s upcoming venues.

UFC event viewing experience at Cosm. (Source: UFC)

The partnership with Cosm will allow UFC to harness the company’s cutting-edge LED-dome displays and CX System software to bring the arena-like atmosphere directly to viewers. The shared reality experience promises to make fans feel like they are sitting Octagon-side without the need for headsets or augmented devices.

The collaboration between UFC and Cosm is set to continue with 8K feeds streamed directly into Cosm’s Experience Center in Salt Lake City, UT, until the first Cosm venue opens in early 2024. Cosm previously announced partnerships with the NBA and revealed plans to expand its immersive entertainment venues to Los Angeles’ Hollywood Park and Dallas’ Grandscape. Additional locations in key markets are also planned for future expansion.