TV Units Rise Faster Than Revenues

TV set sales in Western Europe were up 3.2% YoY last year, writes Germany’s GFU, based on data from GfK. More than 34 million units were sold, taking €16.3 billion in revenues (up 0.2%).

The lower revenue rise reflects the falling ASP of TVs across the region (down 3% YoY, to €477). Prices fell sharply in Germany (4.8%), but the country still has the highest ASP of all countries tracked. According to the GFU, this is because German consumers value large, feature-rich TVs.

There was a strong rise in smart TV sales, to more than 15 million units – up 18.5% YoY. Revenue climbed 10.2%, to €11.2 billion. The overall European market share of smart TVs is 44%, well below Germany’s 57%.

In related news, Jugen Boyny of GfK recently said that high-end features are driving TV demand now: large sizes, high resolutions, OLED technology and new form factors such as curved and slim displays. Last year, 43% of TVs sold in Western markets were smart, 12% were above 50″ and 3% were UltraHD. Despite the growth in feature adoption, unit sales have not risen appreciably, however.