TSItouch Wins Protective Glass Patent

By Bob Raikes

TSITouch of the US has registered a patent (#9,671,824) for a protective glass design for video walls that avoids the need to bond displays. The Glass Retention Bezel System (GRBS) is a modular solution that allows protective glass (clear, anti-reflective, and anti-glare) to be mounted directly on each video wall display, providing protection to the OEM bezel and display panel. In the event of a monitor failure, the GRBS can easily be removed, avoiding any issues associated with servicing a bonded display.

GRBS protective overlay drawings1

The GRBS consists of four precision machined metal bezels, 1/8” thick tempered cover glass, and all mounting screws (per display). Each kit is custom designed to be a perfect fit for each make and model of display. The GRBS does NOT block any of the viewable display and does NOT interfere with any interactive technology.

TSItouch video wall

Analyst Comment

There’s a video online here showing that the technology can protect displays without the limitations of bonding. Of course, using a separate glass cover doesn’t deliver the visual performance benefits of bonded displays. (BR)