Tru Optik Can Identify Buyers in Precise Locations

By Bob Raikes

Tru Optik, in the US which specialises in tracking audiences for OTT content said that it has started working with NinthDecimal, a marketing platform that is location-based, to allow targeting of advertising based on the location of viewers. NinthDecimal says it has ‘exact property boundaries’ across the US and can differentiate between consumers entering a store versus those simply walking by or standing in the parking lot. The firm ‘knows where the user lives’ and said that, for example, if a prospective customer visits a department store, or a nearby competitor, marketers can reach that person in a privacy-compliant environment with TV ads on their Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation or other OTT device.

Analyst Comment

At the end of last year, True Optik made a partnership with NPD which is the dominant supplier of retail data in the UK. (BR) (NPD Partners with Tru Optik on OTT TV Data)