Trilite Prototype Now Full Colour

‘Back the Future Day’ is almost upon us. The 21st October 2015 is the day that Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future Part II, and Trilite is doing its best to ensure that at least one of the film’s ambitious predictions comes true – after a fashion.

A massive 3D hologram was used in the film to advertise Jaws 19. While we might not be at the hologram stage quite yet, Trilite and TU Wien (Technical University of Vienna) have been hard at work creating 3D LED billboards, with a prototype developed in April (Giant 3D Displays from TriLite).

Simply put, each pixel (or ‘Trixel’) in the first prototype was formed of a laser and a moveable mirror. The mirror reflects the laser beams across a viewer’s field of view, from left to right. Image information is changed during that movement, meaning that different pictures can be sent to the left and right eye – creating the 3D effect.

A second prototype has now been developed, with Trilite says is much more advanced. This version is a full colour display, and each Trixel uses three different lasers (red, green and blue). The module uses an array of 12 x 9 Trixels, and multiple modules can be assembled to create a large outdoor display.

Trilite Trixel“The software for controlling the modules and displaying movies has already been developed”, according to Jörg Reitterer (of Trilite. “We can use any off-the-shelf 3D movie and play it on our display”.

Franz Fidler, CTO of Trilite, added, “The technology is now ready for the market, and we are looking for partners for mass production all over the world”.

Analyst Comment

I’m still waiting for the giant display in Times Square I can actually see and write about! (MB)