Touchjet Unveils Two Smart Projectors at ISTE, SETDA Emerging Technologies Forum

Touchjet, the first company to create touch technology with a standalone Android operating system, introduces two smart touch projectors, Pond and Wave, to the education market at ISTE 2016 and SETDA’s Emerging Technologies Forum. The announcement marks the official debut of these products, which support small-group collaboration and whole-class interactive learning, in the education space.

Pond is an instructional tool that turns any surface into a giant touchscreen, enabling teachers and students to connect, collaborate, create and communicate in small groups in a blended learning environment. The device is built on the Android 4.4 operating system and fits in the palm of the hand, allowing easy portability and access to thousands of education apps that can be downloaded directly to the device via Google Play.

Touchjet Wave creates interactive whiteboards for whole-class lessons, turning any flat screen TV or monitor into a giant Android tablet. Instant WiFi connectivity allows teachers to download any app from Google Play directly to the device, and finger & stylus touch sensitivity enables interactive lessons.

“Pond and Wave from Touchjet empower educators in collaborative learning classrooms as they seek to help their students gain a deeper understanding of content, improve teamwork skills and take ownership of their learning,” said Helen Thomas, CEO of Touchjet. “We are honored to have been selected to participate in SETDA’s Emerging Technologies Forum and to introduce these new products to educators at ISTE this year.”

Pond is currently available for $599, and Wave will be available in July for $299. For more information, stop by ISTE booth #4222 or visit