No One Company Rules PMA’s January Projector Data

PMA Research has announced the top-selling projectors in the USA in January. The company divides the results into three categories: ‘pico and personal’, ‘mainstream’ and ‘large venue’.

Optoma took the top spot in the large venue category, with the EH501. Epson had the second- and third-best-selling models: the Powerlite 1940W and 1980WU. ASK Proxima’s C520 placed fourth and NEC’s NP-P451W rounded out the category.

In mainstream projectors, Infocus’ ever-popular IN112a came in first, with NEC’s NP-M322X in second. Epson, again, had a pair of best-sellers, with the Powerlite X17 and 97 in third- and fourth-place. Sony’s VPL-BW40ES/B came in fifth.

Aaxa was the firm ruler of the pico and personal segment, with three models – the LED Pico, P300 Pico and P4-X – in first, third and fifth, respectively. Asus’ S1 took second place and Optoma’s ML750 came in fourth.