TigerDirect Jumps on Virtual Reality Bandwagon

Major distributor TigerDirect sees virtual reality as getting ready to take off, so it is now starting to offer head-mounted display (HMD) systems to support the trend. At its annual Tech Bash held November 7th in Miami, it highlighted the GO HMD from ImmersiON-VRelia.

The GO HMD will be exclusively distributed by TigerDirect and retails for only $89 at It is a shell that accepts a smartphone and adds adjustable optics to create the immersive 120-degree field of view experience. It is also supported with a software development kit and an open content creation platform. Audio is provided by the smartphone, but you can use any headphones you want.

“Immersion-VRelia’s mission is to enable the mass adoption of high-quality virtual and augmented reality by the general public”, said Ethan Schur, Chief Marketing Officer for ImmersiON-VRelia. “TigerDirect plays a critical role in accomplishing this goal by allowing The GO to reach people’s hands at a great price”.