TI Power Chip for Wearables is Wireless

Texas Instruments (TI) has announced a number of devices addressing the power requirements of mobile and wearable devices. As nice as some of these new gadgets are, they still need power to run.

The BQ25100, BQ25100H, and BQ25101 are linear chargers for Li-Ion and Li- polymer batteries with a wide range of input voltage and input over-voltage protection. The extra small charger is aimed at the wearable and mobile device market.

TI also announced the bq51003, a wireless power receiver specifically designed for wearable and mobile device users that want to use wireless charging. Together with the transmitter controller, it offers the basis for a wireless charging solution. TI also offers a reference design module.

The last module is a DC to DC step down converter for low power applications. The small size makes it perfect for mobile and wearable devices.

With many millions of wearable devices forecast to be sold per year, TI is investing in a future business that addresses the special needs of these devices.- Norbert Hildebrand