THX and CGS Announce Partnership

THX Ltd has entered into a strategic partnership with China Film Giant Screen (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“CGS”), a subsidiary of China Film Group, for both technology and business collaborations.

The strategic partnership between THX and CGS is intended to help the firms to roll out a target of 400 screens worldwide featuring a jointly developed next generation cinema experience. THX and CGS are also committed to developing new offerings for exhibitors which will be announced in Q2 2018. The partnership will also enable THX and CGS to produce co-marketing and publicity events intended to drive box office sales for studio and exhibitor partners.

On December 7, 2017, THX and CGS also announced the grand opening of Zhuhai Haiyun China Film Cinema, China’s first all-THX certified multiplex, together with two CGS auditoriums.

Analyst Comment

This follows on from the deal that China Film Group recently did with Barco. (Barco Looks to Joint Venture for Digital Cinema) (BR)