Thin Client Shipments Suffer After Strong 2014

Thin and terminal client shipments fell 7.8% YoY in Q1’15, with a poor comparison to the first half of 2014, says IDC. Shipments last year were boosted by a massive refresh of legacy PCs. Compared to that, the Q1’15 market struggled to maintain momentum, amidst a lack of drivers and and the impact of currency devaluation.

Shipments reached 1.19 million units. Many projects were delayed or scaled back worldwide; few regions outside APACxJ reached volume growth compared to Q1’14.

A stronger result is forecast for the second half of 2015. Several projects delayed in APACxJ are expected to resume. However, overall volume for the year has been lowered from 5.98 million units to 5.71 million. Long-term growth will remain ‘modestly’ positive.

“With IT and users alike increasingly more receptive to remote desktop computing, IDC maintains shipment volume should see steady single-digit growth annually through 2019”, said IDC’s Jay Chou. “But, a rising tide won’t lift all boats, and we can expect further market share consolidation”.

Worldwide Enterprise Client Device Shipments, Market Share and Growth, Q1’15 (000s)
Vendor Q1’15 Shipments Q1’14 Shipments Q1’15 Share Q1’14 Share YoY Change
Dell 354 355 29.7% 27.4% -0.3%
HP 302 394 25.3% 30.5% -23.4%
NComputing 104 107 8.8% 8.3% -2.6%
Centerm 77 61 6.5% 4.7% 27.50%
Igel 67 70 5.6% 5.4% -4.3%
Others 287 306 24.1% 23.7% -6.2%
Total 1,191 1,293 100.0% 100.0% -7.8%
Source: IDC