The Tianma Group Introduces SLT Technology to Enable LCD Operation in Extreme Cold 

The Tianma Group has developed a new technology designed to allow LCDs to function normally in extremely low temperatures, down to -45 deg. C.

Labeled SLT (Super Low Temperature), this technological advancement adopts a proprietary new design scheme, process and materials, all to solve the response time problem inherent with traditional LCDs. Tianma will demonstrate the SLT LCD Technology at Display Week 2019.

When a traditional LCD is subjected to super-low temperatures, content cannot be displayed properly, if at all, exhibiting significant ghosting of dynamic images and slow response time. However, a panel with Tianma’s SLT technology can display dynamic pictures at these extreme conditions with no ghosting / delay phenomenon.

SLT-enhanced LCDs can be reliably used in a wide range of applications where cold-weather operation is required, including automotive, aerospace, construction machinery, mountaineering, scientific research, and other extreme cold conditions.

Tianma’s SLT Technology is ready for use in new products.

The new SLT technology, along with The Tianma Group’s expansive family of displays and technologies, will be showcased at Display Week 2019, May 14 to 16 in San Jose, California, USA, in Booth 1007. Tianma’s online press kit can be found at:

For more information, contact Tianma America, Inc., 13949 Central Ave., Chino, CA 91710. 909-590-5833. [email protected];