The Evolving Connected Device Universe: 12 Technology Innovations for 2015

Market Intelligence – The connected device universe is evolving. From domestic appliances to wearable technology to smart home solutions, the number of things that can be monitored, controlled and analysed by the consumer will grow significantly in 2015. 

Creating compelling, manageable and useable consumer experiences to seamlessly integrate all this data, while ensuring privacy and security, will be critical to success. A new complementary insights report, “UX Innovation Trends for 2015: Addressing Consumer Needs in the Evolving Connected Device Universe” from the User Experience Innovation Practice (UXIP) at Strategy Analytics ( summarizes the top 12 technology UX predictions for 2015.

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“In 2015, consumers will own more connected products and technologies than ever before.  New personal devices, as well as smart home and connected car solutions, will create a tsunami of personal data,” commented Paul Brown, Director, UXIP. “As technology evolves, new user experience approaches will need to be defined to address this issue. It remains to be seen whether one device will control and manage all this information. Single app solutions for each ‘thing’ may be great in the short term, but for long term persistent use, the consumer may actually end up ‘drowning’ in an unmanageable user interface.”

“As we review our predictions for 2014 and look forward to 2015, we expect further innovation in devices, wearables, content, the smart home, the connected car and the ‘Internet of Things,'” commented Kevin Nolan, VP, UXIP at Strategy Analytics. “All of these will create UX challenges as well as opportunities to develop new value-added experiences. The following predictions aim to provide guidance to the year ahead.”

The UXIP 12 technology predictions for 2015 are:

  1. Smartphone size preference for mass market consumers will peak at ~5.2″
  2. Unique use cases for smartwatches will emerge to spur mass market adoption
  3. Chinese brands have increasing impact on smartphone UX trends
  4. Adoption of Smart Home technology will begin to move into the mainstream
  5. Streaming media devices will challenge the smart TV as the ultimate media device
  6. Consumers will take charge of the flow of TV/video content
  7. CarPlay sees extremely limited release
  8. Car makers tinker with optimal multimodal interfaces
  9. Autonomous driving beneficial to car makers but have limited usefulness for consumers
  10. Apple Pay’s focus on payment security will have a significant impact on mobile payments
  11. Mobile operators will continue to look to more “disruptive” offerings to attract consumers
  12. Internet of Things (IoT) will have increasing consumer implications

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