Large Cost-Effective OLED Microdisplays Project launched by EU

An EU project has been launched called LOMID (Large Cost-Effective OLED Microdisplays) with the aim of developing a next-generation 1920 x 1200 resolution flexible OLED microdisplay for VR and AR applications.

The project will be led by the Fraunhofer FEP plus other partners including MicroOLED, CEA-Leti and the Universities of Leipzig and Oxford. The intention is to produce a microdisplay sized 13 x 21 mm (about 1-inch diagonal) and the resolution of 1200 x 1920 means 2,300 PPI. The Fraunhofer will demonstrate the prototype at the SID-Mid-Europe Chapter Spring Meeting. (SID-ME 2017 Wearable and Projection Displays Symposium Announced)