The Alien Invasion is Coming to Six Flags

The survival of the planet is at stake. Your mission: to wage an epic battle against alien ships. To do this you have to leave the comfort of your living room and venture onto Six Flags New England’s steel coaster, the Mind Eraser. There you don a set of Samsung Gear VR headset, powered by Oculus, and ride. You don’t race through the air of the New England town of Agawam, you race through a galactic wormhole into an universe full of evil aliens.

Source: Six Flags

The ride starts as a AR ride where the camera on the headset allows you to see your surroundings, including your neighbors on the trip, plus a virtual HUD showing you important things like your weapon’s status. At the top of the lift hill, the headset switches into full VR mode and you are in a spaceship fighter cockpit and see “a massive, swirling wormhole.” By the bottom of the first hill, you are in the middle of a space battle, twisting, turning zooming and looping to escape and shoot down the enemy. At the end of the ride, there are three drone bays, each of which offer a different gaming experience and different endings.

The Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster will premier to Season Pass holders on April 8 and 9 followed by its grand opening to the public on Monday, April 10. Pardon me if I take a pass – I’m too old for this stuff. –Matthew Brennesholtz