Thales Wins HUD Order in China

Thales announced that China Southern Airlines has selected the Dual Head Up Displays (HUD) configuration for 30 of their new Airbus A320s, to be used alongside the Thales Flight Management System and LRRA Radio altimeter.

thales HUD

With this order, Thales said that it has “scored a double first” in China. The deal represents the largest contract for HUDs and the first ever for a dual configuration system since the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) made it mandatory for all Chinese registered aircraft to be equipped with HUDs (single HUD configuration is the minimum requirement). This further milestone cements Thales’s continued position of strength in the Chinese avionics sector where it claims to have over 1000 Chinese registered aircraft equipped. In China, Thales claims a 60% market share in FMS, 70% market share in IFEC and 40% coverage in air traffic management.