Teledyne LeCroy Announces quantumdata™ 780 Series HDBaseT Remote Cable Test Solution

Teledyne LeCroy, the worldwide leader in protocol test solutions, today announced an optional HDBaseT Remote Cable test feature offered with certain models of their popular quantumdata 780 series handheld test instruments. The HDBaseT Remote Cable test solution includes an HDBaseT Remote Terminal device and enables professional A/V integrators to verify installed network cable infrastructure for high resolution video transmission up to 300 MHz.

Network cable infrastructure is often put in place prior to the installation of video devices at the source and sink ends in a commercial, industrial or commercial building or office campus. The challenge professional installers have had is how to ensure that the installed cabling is suitable for high definition and especially ultra high definition video resolutions. Verifying the cable infrastructure when installed—prior to final commissioning of the video components—is essential to avoid callbacks and to insure that the cable network is suitable for greater bandwidth video streams in the future. The 780 series HDBaseT Remote Cable test solution addresses these issues.

The HDBaseT Remote Cable test is initiated at the source end with a 780C, 780D or 780E instrument and the HDBaseT Remote Terminal device connected at the far end of the network cable run. The test provides an indication of the quality of the installed cabling on all four (4) pairs. The results of the HDBaseT Remote Cable test can be saved using the 780’s optional Report File Creation feature to provide a permanent record of the tests for clients or internal records. The HDBaseT Remote Cable test report can be formatted in plain text or HTML and can be viewed in a standard browser.


The optional HDBaseT Remote Cable test solution is available now and offered with the 780 series instruments equipped with HDBaseT Tx and Rx ports. These include: the 780C, 780D, and 780E. The HDBaseT Remote Cable test solution can be ordered with the purchase of a suitable 780 instrument or it can be ordered as a separate accessory for existing 780 owners but the existing Cable Test option is required. An introductory offer is available which includes the HDBaseT Remote Cable test option and the Report File Creation option.

For more information on the HDBaseT Remote Cable test feature, contact Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata at 1-847-888-0450 (toll free in US: 888-252-6133). For a complete list of features and functions of the 780 series test instruments, go to: