Technology Brands Come Out on Top on UK Brand Loyalty Index

Consumer engagement firm Sodexo has released the UK’s first Brand Loyalty Index, containing data researched by Atomik.

7,000 consumers were surveyed on a range of brands including supermarkets, mobile phone networks, telephone and broadband providers, insurance providers, food and drink, travel and technology.

Sodexo’s Brand Index ranks the top 50 brands in the UK that consumers are most loyal to, considering factors such as frequency of use, whether or not the consumer would be tempted to switch to a competitor or whether they would recommend the brand to a friend or family member.

Among the top 10, Samsung and Apple came out on top, in first and second position respectively. Samsung was named as the brand customers felt most loyal to, despite the negative PR surrounding battery issues with the Galaxy Note 7.

Sky TV came in sixth place, while Netflix rounded out the top ten. Overall, the survey found that technology brands ranked highest on the index than any other sector, with many companies featuring in the top 20. Along with supermarkets, technology brands are also seen to reward loyalty better than other markets.

You can download the full Brand Loyalty Index for free from Sodexo’s website.

Analyst Comment

I wrote about Samsung’s ability to shrug off problems a few weeks ago (Samsung Seems Non-stick). Clearly, the company has developed a lot of loyalty and its huge marketing over the last thirty years or more have had a great impact. Samsung always seems to have some ‘hero’ products that are really good and I think the smartphones have been the heros in recent years. (BR)