TCL’s TV Sales Dip but Handsets are Up in January

TCL Group has released its TV and phone sales figures for January, recording a 4.6% year on year drop in LCD TV set sales, but a 10% increase in handset and other mobile product sales.

TCL Multimedia said that LCD TV sales volume in January reached over 1.6 million units, of which smart TVs accounted for more than 515,000, up 24.7% YoY. In China, TCL’s sales volume increased 11.4% to 1.1 million units, the second consecutive month of sales growth, with sales of smart TVs increasing 18.8% to over 476,000 sets, representing 43.4% of TCL’s total LCD TV sales in China.

In TCL’s overseas market, LCD TV sales volume dropped 27% to 516,000 sets. This includes the emerging markets, were sales were 24.8% lower YoY at 288,500, though the North American market achieved better results, with sales volume growing 31.5% YoY.

Meanwhile TCL Communications, the group’s handset business, achieved a 10% increase in sales to more than 5.7 million units, of which 4.6 million were sold in the overseas market and 1.1 million in China. Smart devices accounted for over 3.7 million units in January, up 63% YoY and representing 66% of total shipments for the month.