Taoping Launches Innovative Dual-Sided, Thin Film, Display; Targeting More than 200 High Value, Mall Installations in 2023

Taoping Inc. announced a new, state-of-the-art dual-sided, thin film, photonic-crystal display. The cutting-edge displays have already been successively deployed in numerous major shopping malls in China. Integreated with Taoping’s smart cloud distribution system, the innovative display is the latest transformative product offered to help customers more effectively market products and services to highly valued customers.

taoping logoMr. Lin Jianghuai, Chairman and CEO of Taoping commented, “Our continued investments in R&D, and the Taoping smart cloud and alliance networks give us a meaningful advantage. We are excited to be launching one of the most advanced thin panel multimedia displays available. Customers are responding very positively to our latest innovative display based on its sleek, attractive look and enhanced multimedia features and double-sided display.”

Taoping is leveraging the support of the Taoping smart cloud and alliance networks to help customers penetrate high traffic flow, high value, high touch areas, including escalators, aisles and shopping centers. The lightweight, easy to install displays boast a flexible surface, high resolution, double-sided imaging and powerful other features. By connecting the photonic-crystal, dual-sided displays to Taoping’s smart cloud, customers can leverage the cloud platform’s intelligent broadcast systems to achieve targeted, intelligent digital marketing.

Taoping is targeting to have its new photonic-crystal, dual-sided displays installed in more than 200 shopping centers across China in 2023, as part of the initial phase of the Company’s rollout. Displays have already successfully been installed in malls in Shenzhen Nanshan HuanLeSong Shopping Center, Shenzhen Futian Wongtee Plaza,  among others. At Shenzhen Futian Wongtee Plaza, one of the Company’s many successful installations, the popular shopping center covers approximately 138,000 square meters. It is located in the core of Shenzhen’s main business district Futian CBD, with approximately more than 30 million visitors annually. Taoping has already customized and installed 10 of its innovative photonic-crystal, dual-sided displays ranging from 50 to 100 inches, giving Taoping’s customers immediate access to high value, high traffic areas ranging from escalator entrances to corridors.

Mr. Jianghuai continued, “Thin is in and we specifically developed this enhanced, new display to give our customers a more powerful tool to break through the clutter and distractions bombarding people all day long. Helping our customers to effectively get their product and service messages to consumers is invaluable, especially as people are once again on the move and out of the house for work and leisure. For Taoping, this is another important launch for us as we continue the transformation and expansion of the Company’s new media business.”

According to FORWARD, an industrial research institute, nearly 600 shopping centers have opened annually in China over the past five years, with a near return to pre-COVID levels in 2021. 47.68 million new square meters have been opened, an increase of 35% year-over-year. With the economy’s continuous development and the coming wave of the new consumerism era, shopping centers in China are spreading from 1st and 2nd tier cities into 4th and 5th tier cities. Shopping centers serve as a destination give their central location and full range of shopping, dining and entertainment options. This ability to bring large numbers of high-quality consumers together with sought after economic profiles and demographics makes onsite display advertising highly attractive and sought after.