Taiwan Invests $3.2 Billion in OLED Development

Reports from Taiwan say that the government is to invest NT$100 billion ($3.2 billion) in OLED technology development.

The bulk of investment will go towards flexible AMOLED and PMOLED technology, as part of the government’s strategy to be at the forefront of next-generation displays. It is expected that this investment will generate around 1,500 new jobs in the country.

According to the Department of Industrial Technology (an organisation under Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)), the government will primarily work through the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), to vertically integrate the OLED sector and build a supply chain.

The MOEA aims to manufacture core OLED materials and equipment in Taiwan. It has apparently already successfully developed a prototype AMOLED product. In the future, OLED display technology developed by the DOIT and ITRI will be transferred to local display makers.

At a press conference where the announcement was made, ITRI demonstrated a 7.07″ ‘Inward Foldable Touch AMOLED’ display, which was developed with DOIT. The prototype is less than 0.15mm thick. ITRI is said to also be creating a flexible AMOLED certification platform, to help display makers to develop flexible OLED product applications.