LG Claims ‘Brightest Battery-Powered Projector’

Two LED Minibeam projectors will be introduced by LG at IFA this year, both of which feature Miracast and WiDi for wireless screen sharing, as well as higher brightness levels than previous Minibeam models.

The PH450U is a battery-powered DLP UST projector, which can reach up to 450 lumens and throw an 80″ image from 0.3m. As well as Miracast/WiDi, a USB media player is installed, and a version (PH450UG) is available with a TV tuner. The battery will last up to 2.5 hours.

Resolution is 1280 x 720, and images can be between 40″ and 80″. Automatic vertical keystone adjustment is built in and two 1W speakers are featured. MHL-HDMI and USB ports are integrated. The PH450U measures 132 x 200 x 81mm and weighs 1kg.

A more compact option will be available in the PH150G. This projector reaches up to 130 lumens of brightness and can throw a 10″ – 100″ image. It uses an LCoS imager. Features, such as Miracast, and other specifications are identical to the PH450U, although there is no TV tuner option. The projector measures 114 x 114 x 43mm and weighs 0.5kg.

LG will launch its new Minibeam projectors this year. They will cost $650 (PH450U/PH450UG) or $350 (PH150U), and will be launched in September (PH450U) and October.