Xbox TV Support Crosses Atlantic

by Tom Allen

Members of the Xbox Preview programme in the USA and Canada can now start watching live TV through their console. Xbox owners will need to buy an OTA TV tuner from Hauppauge, as well …

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Sling TV Launches on Xbox One

by Helen Vince

Sling TV has released its app for Xbox One, the first gaming console to support the live, over-the-top TV service. Xbox One joins a constellation of other devices that support Sling TV, including Amazon …

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Sony Preparing UltraHD Playstation

by Tom Allen

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One disappointed when they were launched, with no mention of UltraHD gaming. We’re still not there, but a bright spot has appeared for fans of the format. According to …

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Modder Jams Together Console and Monitor

by Tom Allen

Modder Ben Heck has, in the past, turned his skills to creating portable gaming laptops based on an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. His newest challenge saw him turn an Xbox One into a …

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Xbox Price Cut Rapidly Boosting Sales

by Raverstead

Microsoft has said that sales of the Xbox One have ‘skyrocketed’ since the console’s price was cut (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 39) – more than tripling in the USA. It is on track …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Microsoft| Vol 21 - Issue 45| xBox

Microsoft Rumored to Work on Health and Fitness Wearable

by Raverstead

According to an article in PCR, Microsoft is planning to release a new Xbox connected wearable device in 2015. The article describes a device that, in contrast to the recently released Microsoft Band, will …

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Gold is the New Black for Consoles

by Super User

Do you suffer from a lack of ‘bling’ in your living room? Are your white consoles just too pass

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Sony Beats Microsoft in Price – Again

by Super User

Last month, Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox One in the UK to

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