Sony Preparing UltraHD Playstation

thumb Sony Playstation 4 consoleThe Playstation 4 and Xbox One disappointed when they were launched, with no mention of UltraHD gaming. We’re still not there, but a bright spot has appeared for fans of the format. According to the Huffington Post, Netflix’s John Hunt claims that Sony has “promised” a new version of the PS4 that will support UltraHD video and “eventually” is expected to support HDR, as well.

Analyst comment

It’s about time! The lack of HEVC decoders on the Xbox One and PS4 – precluded them from playing 4k VoD – was a surprise to many, but one that Sony might eventually be preparing to work past. We assume that the company remembers to change the HDMI ports from v1.4 to v2.0 at the same time. (TA)