Vol 25 - Issue 13


Data Modul Result 30/03/18

by Bob Raikes

Data Modul of Germany put out its annual report and said that it reached €218 million in revenues with net income of €10.623, up from €10.228 on sales of €197.1 million in 2016. The …

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IHS: Global Semiconductor Industry Topped $429 Billion in 2017

by Andrew Fenn

The semiconductor industry closed out 2017 in blockbuster fashion, posting its highest year-on-year growth in 14 years. Global semiconductor revenue grew 21.7%, reaching $429.1 billion in 2017, according to IHS Markit. Recording year-on-year growth …

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21% of US Pay TV Households Buy SVOD Through Their Provider

by Andrew Fenn

New research from Parks Associates shows that 21% of US pay TV subscribers say they subscribe to an online video service through their pay TV provider, up from 10% a year ago. The research …

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The New New Thing

by Ken Werner

It takes a minimum of 20 years for a new display technology to go from concept to commercial product, if it ever does. At SID Display Week 2014 in San Diego, display luminaries celebrated …

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Reality Check 2018: VR in the Ed Market

by Len Scrogan

There is so much hype surrounding VR in the education market nowadays, it seems particularly wise to stop and do a reality check, at least once in a great while. [Enticing] Although I am …

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Rigor in Educational VR

by Len Scrogan

Something may be percolating in educational circles. A development of special interest to me, something I call the impending AR/MR/VR rigor movement, could be on the rise. In a previous article, I wrote, “The …

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HTC Has Terrrible Q4

by Bob Raikes

HTC had a poor Q4 in 2017 with a loss of NT$9.8 billion ($337.4 million) on revenues of NT$15.7 billion ($536 million). The company did a deal to sell its smartphone engineering group to …

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Top 100 Warranty Providers of 2017

by Milos Pavlovic

Warranty Week had its annual look at the top warranty providers in the US and concentrated on those that had changed the most. The blog covers all industries, but we thought we’d pick out …

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HannStar Display Positive on 2017 Result

by Bob Raikes

Hannstar Display has posted profits of NT$1.671 billion ($57.27 million) for Q4 2017 on sales of NT$6.152 ($210 million) bringing sales for the year to NT$23.743 billion ($810 million). The company said that panels …

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