Vol 22 - Issue 41


Barco Establishes First All-Laser Multiplex

by Tom Allen

Barco says that it has helped to deploy the world’s first multiplex cinema, exclusively using laser projectors. Santikos Theatres’ new Casa Blanca Theatre, in Texas, uses Barco’s flagship laser models in all 16 screens. …

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Humax is Open to UltraHD STB

by Tom Allen

Humax may launch a version of its Freeview Play box that can support UltraHD streaming, once it adopts new chipsets. Commercial director Graham North said, at the launch of Humax’s new FVP-4000T box, that …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| STBs| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 22 - Issue 41

LG: ‘OLED Builds The Dreams of the World’

by Tom Allen

LG Display has released a video about the future possibilities of OLED technology. The concept is very similar to Corning’s ‘A Day Made of Glass’ video; the displays are large and ubiquitous, and everyone …

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Apple Faces $862m Fine

by Tom Allen

The University of Wisconsin has successfully sued Apple for $862 million, for unlicensed use of its microchip patents in some iPhones and iPads. The 1998 patent deals with a method to improve microchip efficiency, …

Tags:Apple| Chip Technology| Mobile Display Monitor| Patents| Vol 22 - Issue 41

HTC Goes AMOLED With Mid-Range Phone

by Tom Allen

Reports from Taiwan say that HTC will show off a new smartphone called the HTC One A9 on the 21st October. Featuring a 5″ AMOLED display, the phone will run on an octa-core Snapdragon …

Tags:HTC| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Vol 22 - Issue 41

UltraHD TV Sales to Rise 16,400% in Six Years

by Tom Allen

Parks Associates predicts that more than 330 million UltraHD TVs will have been sold worldwide by the end of 2019 – an increase from 2 million in 2013. A new report by the firm …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| TV Set Market| UltraHD & 4K| Vol 22 - Issue 41| Worldwide

EInk supplies Electrophoretic Displays for Pharmaceutical Packaging

by Norbert Hildebrand

EInk and Palladio, a secondary packaging supplier to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry announced a new design of pharmaceutical packaging using an electrophoretic display panel. The display from EInk is basically a small version …

Tags:ePaper| EPD (Electrophoretic)| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 41

ISE 2016 Fully Booked – Samsung Moves to Amtrium

by Tom Allen

ISE, which has been extended to a four-day show in 2016 (9th – 12th February), is now fully booked. All 43,000m² of exhibit space – an 11% increase on 2015 – have been taken. …

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Sony Acquisition Points to Sensor Integration

by Tom Allen

Sony has acquired Softkinetic Systems, a Belgian software company. Softkinetic’s DepthSense range includes sensors, cameras, modules and other products covering gesture tracking, contextual awareness and 3D data acquisition. Sony’s purchase of the company is …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mergers & Acquisitions| Mobile Display Monitor| sony| Vol 22 - Issue 41

Christie Captivates at Gitex

by Tom Allen

Christie will have an extensive presence at Gitex 2015 (18th – 22nd October, Dubai), with projectors and large-area flat panel displays at stand C3-3. The Captiva projector (Christie Claims First UST Laser Projector) will …

Tags:Christie| Gitex 2015| Large Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 41

Vivitek Adds Wireless to Portable Projector

by Tom Allen

A new addition to Vivitek’s portable Qumi projectors is the Q6: a DLP LED model that can wirelessly display content from a mobile device as a 90″ image. The Q6 can take content from …

Tags:DLP Projectors| Large Display Monitor| LED Projectors| Mobile Display Monitor| Vivitek| Vol 22 - Issue 41

Nanoco and Osram Continue Work on QD-LEDs

by Tom Allen

Nanoco has signed another follow-on joint development agreement with Osram, for the use of Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dots in lighting. These QDs have the potential to ‘more efficiently produce bright, warm light with the …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Lighting| Mobile Display Monitor| Nanoco| Osram| Quantum Dots| Vol 22 - Issue 41