Vol 22 - Issue 40


United Object Shows Laser Picoprojector

by Matthew Brennesholtz

United Object (UO) is a brand name launched in Korea in May of this year by Korea’s SK Telecom for its lifestyle-related products. In July, they expanded the brand into China. Now they are …

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Microsoft, Google End Patent Battles

by Tom Allen

Microsoft and Google have agreed to dismiss all pending patent claims against each other. The agreements sees about 20 different lawsuits in Germany and the USA dropped. Patents include those related to mobile phones, …

Tags:Android| Google| Microsoft| Mobile Display Monitor| Patents| Vol 22 - Issue 40

Tianma Merges US Subsidiaries

by Tom Allen

The Tianma Group of China has decided to merge its two US subsidiaries: Tianma NLT America and Tianma Micro-electronics USA. The new company will be known as Tianma NLT USA Inc. The move merges …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mergers & Acquisitions| Mobile Display Monitor| Tianma| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 40

Netflix Readies Southern Europe Expansion

by Tom Allen

Netflix has confirmed that it will launch its streaming service in Spain on the 20th October. Portugal will follow on the 21st October, and Italy on the 22nd October.

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LDM Product Roundup – Vol 22 No 40

by Tom Allen

AMD has said that it will work with Oculus VR and Dell to drive PCs with the Oculus Ready certification (Oculus Lists VR Challenges). AMD will fit these PCs with its own Radeon GPUs. …

Tags:AMD| Austria| Dell| Germany| Large Display Monitor| Notebooks| Oculus VR| PCs| Samsung| Switzerland| Taiwan| toshiba| Video Walls| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 40

AMD to Cut 5% of Staff

by Tom Allen

In a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, AMD has revealed plans to cut its workforce by 5% – more than 480 people. Most of the layoffs will be completed by the …

Tags:AMD| Large Display Monitor| Reorganisation & Restructuring| Vol 22 - Issue 40

IBM Overcomes Contact Resistance in CNTs

by Tom Allen

Researchers at IBM say that a ‘major breakthrough’ has been made in the area of carbon nanotube (CNT) transistors – which may replace silicon when Moore’s Law finally fails to deliver. This coloured micrograph …

Tags:CNTs (Carbon Nanotubes)| IBM| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 40

UltraHD is “Limited” but Growing

by Tom Allen

SES hosted a conference in London at the end of September, providing updates on the UltraHD rollout. Chris Forrester, journalist for outlets including Inside Satellite and Advanced Television, said that the format has taken …

Tags:BBC| Dolby| Dolby Vision| DTG| Europe| Events| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| Satellite| SES| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 22 - Issue 40

Inventec to Raise Joint Venture Stake

by Tom Allen

Inventec has raised its stake in AIO PC manufacturer TPV-Inventa to 90%. TPV-Inventa is a joint venture with TPV, which originally held a 51% stake in the company. Since early September, Inventec has spent …

Tags:Investment| Large Display Monitor| TPV (TP Vision)| Vol 22 - Issue 40

Foxconn and Innolux Consider Joint Expansion

by Tom Allen

Sources in Taiwan say that Foxconn and Innolux are considering whether to make a joint investment in a new G8.6 production fab in India. The facility, if built, would secure a more fully-featured supply …

Tags:Foxconn (Honhai)| India| Innolux| Large Display Monitor| LCD Fabs| Mobile Display Monitor| Supply Chain| Vol 22 - Issue 40

Dish Hops Into 4k

by Tom Allen

Dish has announced its first UltraHD STB, the 4k Joey. Said to be on the way ‘very soon’, the box can decode HEVC, and supports UltraHD at 60fps over HDMI. It is also capable …

Tags:4k| Dish Network| Large Display Monitor| STBs| UltraHD (4KTV)| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 40


Amazon Ditches Apple and Google

by Tom Allen

An Amazon email, sent to marketplace sellers, has revealed that the retailer will soon stop selling the Apple TV and Google Chromecast. The message said that the decision was taken because these devices do …

Tags:Amazon| Apple| Channels| Google| Large Display Monitor| STBs| Streaming Dongles| Vol 22 - Issue 40